Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fit Bit (Memorial Day)

Fit Bit (Memorial Day)
There is no greater love then to lay down your life for someone else.

Jesus, our great teacher, Lord and Savior is the greatest example of this.

Today, we have many men and women risking their lives daily, for each and every one of us.  Many of them do pay the ultimate sacrifice.  I am truly thankful for our Military!!!  This weekend and beyond, take every opportunity, to intentionally thank a Vet for their great love.

1 John 3:8  “Yet, it is always new, and works for you just as it did for Christ; and as we obey this commandment, “to love one another”, the darkness in our lives disappears and the new light of life in Christ shines in. 
     9Anyone, who says he is walking in the light of Christ but dislikes his fellow man, is still in darkness.   10But whoever loves his fellow man is “walking in the light,” and can see his way without stumbling around in darkness and sin.

Holiday weekends can be a lot of fun to enjoy each other’s company in times of fellowship.  It can also be a time we get annoyed with each other.  When we take offense, for whatever reason, it steals our joy.   Most of us are not in a position to risk our lives for someone else, but each of us can intentionally love people , where they are at, even if they are acting unlovable.

Be fit, be blessed and enjoy your Memorial Day weekend,


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