Saturday, May 30, 2015

Fit Bit (love a bully)

Fit Bit (Love a Bully)
Yesterday, I spoke with a woman who obviously was thinking I was a bit nuts to be in my sons corner considering how he swears and treats me with such disrespect.  I supposed it does seem to be a bit crazy to the outside world looking in.  What I know is hurting people lash out at others, especially those who are closest to them, those they can trust the most.  I know the pain my child suffers with.  I know the frustration in his head and in his heart.  I am trying my best to be a Godly mom.  I am trying to love him with a Christ type love.  He is responding in kind.

In my small town, we have a campaign,   “NO BULLYING IN OUR TOWN” How stupid.
  In my opinion that is bullying the bully.  The bully is already hurting; I think the campaign should be, “LOVE A BULLY TODAY!”

I believe it is our jobs as Christians to love people regardless of their circumstances.  I think the people stricken with mental disease; alcoholism, divorce, drugs or abuse can be greatly helped by us loving them without judging them.

How do you love the seemingly unlovable?

1.     Pray for them. (Ask God, to let them truly understand how valuable they are to Him and that they may believe that Jesus loved them so much He died for them.)
2.     Lead them by example.
3.     Treat them with love respect and kindness.
4.     Find things you like about them and tell them.
5.     Always have a smile for them.

I am not advocating taking abuse from others.  There are many instances where a person must leave a relationship to be safe.  I am just saying that if someone is lashing out at you, chances are they are hurting and it has nothing to do with you. 

John 3:16  “ God, so loved the world (including the bully) that He gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life.”
Proverbs 10:11-12  “The mouth of the righteous is a well of life, but violence covers the mouth of the wicked.  12 Hatred stirs up strife, But love covers all sins.”

Be fit and be blessed,


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