Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Proverbs 31 warm up (2)

Proverbs 31 warm up w/Kimberly (2)
King Lemuel’s mother advised him how to live.  She said, “Give not thy strength unto women nor ways to that which destroyeth kings.” Proverbs 31:3.

As a woman how do we not take our husbands strength and support him in a life style that will help him?

 First we ground, in our love for God, and His love for us.  Knowing, He loves us so much that He sent Jesus to be our Savior. No matter what happens in this world we trust; “All things will work out for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose. “Roman 8:28.  This faith allows us to be secure in our lives.  Grounded in Christ, we will not need to put our husbands down or treat them like children. We will be able to respect him for who he is and who he is not.  We will not take our husbands’ strength.!

Secondly, we have to address the physical.  What behaviors, in your house,  have the potential to destroy kings?  Do you have regular sleep patterns?  Do you eat healthful?  Is regular exercise a life style in your home?  Do you create stress or do you help your family de-stress?  Are things in good order in your home?  We each have unique situations.  Today reflect on one thing you can change, in your home to make it a healthier environment. 

Please share; this is how we help each other.

Be fit and be blessed,



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