Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Fit Bit ( Do nice guys finish last?)

Fit Bit (Do nice guys finish last?)
I have been a single woman for many years.  I do not consider that to be a disadvantage, but sometimes I think that being too nice is.

There is an old standard, if a lady goes to the auto repair guy, she should bring a man along so she doesn’t get taken advantage of.  I am blessed; I have found a wonderful mechanic whom, I trust.  I trust him and his partner because they have proven to be trustworthy.

I like to find and hire trustworthy people.  This is a basic business model.  Steven Covey would call this creating a win win.  I like to be the person, others can trust.  I assume, that if I hire someone, they will do the “right thing”.  Unfortunately, people get in over their heads are over busy and do substandard work.  I recently have had a high quality contractor do low quality work.  In my personal haste to have them finish the job and my desire to be kind I said, “I don’t care.”  The truth is, now that I have taken the time to evaluate their job.  I am really disappointed.

Below are two-life lesson, I am taking from this:

1.     I need to try harder to be the person people can trust.  I need to work heartedly unto the Lord in what ever I do, even if I am “too busy”.  After all, this world is temporary but what I do here can have eternal rewards.  Jesus paid the price for all of us, on the cross, that work is done.  If, I want to help others find salvation in our Lord Jesus, I need to be someone people can trust no matter how difficult it becomes even if I can get way with a lower and quality job.
2.        I need to pay attention and be my own advocate without being intimidated.  Standing up for myself doesn’t make me a “Bad Christian.”.

I hope this little story motivates you to give today your best!  BE TRUSTWORTHY!
Don’t take shortcuts, do what is right!

Be fit and be blessed,


Corinthians 10:31  "Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."

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