Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fit Bit (He likes me back, but)

Fit Bit   (He likes me back, but)

Dear Kimberly,

He likes me back!  He like me back!!  I am so excited …He likes me back!
There is one problem though…. he is still legally married.  He says that they have already been apart for a year.  The divorce should have been final already, but it got held up.  I am so excited about him; he has so many of the qualities I’m looking for.  I haven’t felt excited about someone in such a long time.  I’m uneasy about it because he is married.  Some of my friend say, so what.  Go for it.  In my heart all I can think about is…He is still married.  What should I do?


He likes me back

Dear He likes up back,

     RUN!  Married is married.  I know that it is exciting to have someone pay attention to you.  It is alluring.  Looking for a mate is a difficult process.  Your Heavenly Father does not want you to settle.   If you walk in this sin, you may never know the blessing God has waiting for you “He will supply your every need.”  God’s timing is not our timing.  Be patient and wait on God.   That uneasy feeling you are having   about this man, is the Holy Spirit saying, “ STOP! It’s wrong! “ God’s commands are very clear.  He does not approve of adultery.   Don’t fool yourself into thinking separated is divorced.  You know better, otherwise you wouldn’t have written me.  The friends, who have counseled you to give this guy a try, are not giving you Christian counsel.  It is difficult to wait on God.  Yet, when we wait and walk patiently in His ways, we feel His peace in our hearts.  Ask God to forgive you, for your adulterous thoughts.   Accept the forgiveness Jesus died to give you.  Go and sin no more. Know that,
    God always likes you back!!!

1 Peter 3:17  “For it is better, if it is the will of God, to suffer for doing food that for doing evil.”

Be fit and be blessed,


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