Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fit Bit ( Downhill is Up)

Fit Bit (Down Hill is Up)
This week I have the good fortune to be on a downhill ski vacation in Big Sky Montana.  WOW do I love it here.  There is something about the West that takes my breath away.  I cannot help but thank God all the time for His amazing work.  My Nephew once said,” I thought about being an Atheist, but then I looked around and saw all this beauty and thought, this could not be just random, this has to be by Devine design.  When I am on the Mountain Top or anywhere here in God’s country; I think, “Thank you God for your Devine design”.  This downhill experience has really brought me up. 

 God’s Devine design is everywhere.  I have learned to see His beauty everywhere.  Look around outside today.  See the awesomeness He has done.  Know that the same power that made the mountains is for you in forgiveness and new life and love.  Trust Jesus today and look up, even if things may seem to be going downhill.

Be fit and be blessed,


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