Thursday, May 9, 2019

Fit Bit ( Overwhelmed by the Lord not Life)

Fit Bit (Overwhelmed by the Lord, not by life)
This morning while I was praying and reading my Bible I had a revelation wanted to share with you. 
1.     God is in charge of my day.
2.     I am in charge of managing my time and responsibilities. 
3.     My responsibilities and time are not in charge of me.

This may seem like common sense, but common sense is not always common practice.

Many days I wake up and “feel” like I have too much to get done and not enough time.  I can “feel “overwhelmed, in a bad way.  Today I remembered, my schedule is my schedule.  I can plan my day and do my best and TRUST GOD to handle the rest!!
After all, what ever I do not get done, will wait for me:).

Today, be inspired to take charge of your time don’t let your time take charge of you!!  Get your energy to do this by remembering its all Gods time anyway.

Be OVERWHELMED, by His power, mercy and grace!! Be overwhelmed in a good way!!

Colossians 3:23  “and whatsoever ye do, do it heartedly, as to the Lord and not unto man”

 Be fit and be blessed,


Big Daddy Weave; Overwhelmed;

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