Friday, December 23, 2011

Fit Bit( Be strong this Christmas)

Fit Bit  “Be strong this Christmas!”
Psalm 18:32  “ It is God who arms me with strength and make my way perfect.”

“ The God who holds the Universe is the God who is holding you.”  David Egner

“This Christmas, I feel scarred” 
“This Christmas, I can not stop eating the cookies.”
“ This Christmas I have to spend time with very annoying people.”   Etc…

We are all going through something.  We are not alone.  Jesus is with us each and every moment.  This Christmas and throughout the year He loves us.  Fear not, our strength comes from the Lord. What ever we are going through…He knows, He is with us giving us strength moment by moment. 

Remember, faith not fears…love not wars.

Merry Christmas,


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