Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fit Bit ( Gaurdian Angel)

Fit Bit with Kimberly (Guardian Angel)
Many of you may know my Son was involved in a horrible car accident November 22, 2011.  He rolled his car six times, starting t a speed estimated at 100mph.  When his vehicle came to a stop he was ejected approximately 20 feet.   When the Sherriff came upon him, he was not breathing.  She readjusted his airway and he took a breath.  (I am very thankful for this officer.  I am very thankful she remembered her first aid skills in the middle of this horror.)   I have been a firefighter and EMT for the past 20 years.  I have seen many people loose their lives in far less significant events.  I believe it is a true miracle that my son Channing is alive today.  I believe it is a true miracle that he is expected to make a full recovery. 

How is this possible?  With God, all things are possible. 
Psalm 91: 11 “ For He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee is all thy ways.”

My son was in a coma for three days.  When he awoke
Chan said, “Mom, someone was in the car with me!” 
I said, “No, son your were alone.” 
He insisted, “ Mom, someone was in the car with me!”
 I asked,  “Was it Jesus?” 
Chan replied,  “No Mom, Jesus doesn’t look like that.”
Mom; “What did he look like son? “
Chan: “ He was a boy, with blonde hair, blonde curly hair.”  It was Brandon.
Mom; “No son, Brandon wasn’t with you.”
Chan;  “ It was Colin.’
Mom;  “No son, Colin was at home that night.”
Chan;  “ Well I don’t know Mom, but someone was in the car with me, I want to talk to him, I bet he has one heck of a story to tell.”

Chan does not remember his accident.  He incurred a serious brain injury. Yet, he is adamant, their was someone in the car with him that night!!

Thank you God for sending your Guardian Angel!

Merry Christmas,


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