Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happiest Holiday?

Fit Bit  (Happiest Holiday ever?)
Question:   This Christmas I am broke, I am busy and I don’t want to do the Christmas cookies, cards etc.…  I am over stressed.  How do I find the Christmas spirit?

ANNswer; Start with thanksgiving.  Many of us do not have what we want.  We have lost someone we love.  We have limited finances.  We are struggling with depression…you name it our population is largely, unhealthy.  We can look at what we do not have and continue in our misery or we can be thankful for what we do have and be happy.

 The secret of happiness;  Is not having what you want it is wanting what you have.
We each have the ability to control what we think.  If we want;

The Happiest Holiday ever!

We simply need to decide to, enjoy the moments God provides for us, and do it!!!

Proverbs 23:7  “ As a man thinkith is his heart so shall he be.”

In all things be thankful.

Merry Christmas,


PS   I am trying to take this advice myself.  After my sons brain injury he has been very difficult to deal with.   It has been all consuming and it doesn’t feel like Christmas is this close.  When I get back to God and spend time in thanksgiving.  It doesn’t matter to me if I have the cookies, cards or shopping done.  It simply matters to me that Jesus is my savior and He will work all things out for good. (Romans 8:28)  

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