Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fit Bit (family has to change)

Fit Bit (family life has to change)

Dear Kimberly,

   My Dad just had a heart attack.  He had open-heart surgery. The doctors told him to quit drinking, smoking, eat a heart healthy diet and start exercising.  The social worker said our whole family should get on board to help him have success.  I don’t want to.  It’s his problem not mine.  What can I do to help my dad change his lifestyle?
Family has to change

Dear Family has to change,
To have success in living a healthful lifestyle we need  to have a safe atmosphere at home.  A safe atmosphere is a place relatively peaceful and shielded from temptation.  To get this type of atmosphere first, center you home on God.  He alone can give us peace.  He is also the strength we call on when temptation comes. In addition to focusing your home on God and His love through Jesus Christ,  take all temptation and remnants of unhealthy lifestyle choices out of the home.  If a person struggles with alcoholism then get all the alcohol out of the house.   If the person needs to give up fatty foods and salt get those things out of the house.  The same goes for cigarettes.  Your Dad needs your whole families support when he gets home.  He needs you all to try your best to live this healthful lifestyle with him.   If you love your Father you will wrap your head and heart around this!  Many times we do not want to do the things we need to do.  In order to change your hearts desire call on God.  Ask Him to help you embrace this much-needed change.  When you are tempted to get angry about changing stop that train of thought and intentionally think of the benefits to you, your family and your father.  To help your Dad change his lifestyle help him have a safe environment at home and embrace that healthful lifestyle yourself.  When we want to change our behaviors support groups can also be helpful such as AA or Celebrate Recovery.  In the Bible, God tells us not to do any thing that will make our brother stumble.  If you eat, drink and smoke at home when your dad gets home it will make him stumble.  If you support him by joining him in his fight, he will find strength.

Ecclesiastes 4:12  “And if one prevails against him, two shall withstand him; and a three fold cord is not quickly broken.”

Be fit and be blessed, don’t be selfish, help your father,

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