Monday, September 17, 2012

Fun Club Bicycle trip

Faith Based Fun Club - Bicycle trip
 October 7th 2012  (1-5pm)
We had a blast canoeing this month!!  We will have more fun biking the Sparta-Elroy trail and touring the Norwalk tunnel, next month.

We will meet at the Sparta Chamber office, ride to Norwalk, have a picnic lunch and return home.  The total trip is about 30 miles.  If you prefer to meet in Norwalk at 3pm and ride to Sparta from there, that ride will be mostly down hill. 

Please let me know if you are planning to come.  The cost is the trail pass, $4/day or $20/ season.  This fee is payable to many locations on or about the trail.  You may already have a pass.

Depending on the turnout we may move the timing up to have bicyclist that are faster meet earlier.  I’ve chosen the 1-5pm time frame for our Fun Events so we can all enjoy our Church services without rushing.

I hope you can attend….WE WILL HAVE FUN!!!!!  I’d like a head count by Oct. 2nd.  You can still attend if you decide last minute; just let me know so we will be sure to look for you.

Be fit and be blessed,



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