Friday, May 20, 2011

Fit Bit (bedtime snack)

Fit Bit with Kimberly

    I’m having trouble with feeling hungry at night after supper and have cheated a few times.  Have to work on making sure I eat enough to sustain through the night till I go to bed.  Am used to having a bedtime snack, so what do you suggest?
  Cutting out a bedtime snack is a great way to manage weight, yet it is not always that easy to do.  I do not suggest eating more at dinner.  Instead of cutting it out completely start by having a bedtime snack that is healthful. Personally, I love ice cream, but it is very high in sugar and fat.  When, I want to loose weight it is not a good choice for me.  Yet, if I stay with a half cup (recommended serving size) I still loose or maintain my weight.  My problem is staying with a half cup.  Ideally I could substitute frozen yogurt or regular yogurt for the ice cream.  Yet, ice cream is what I choose. 

Try these tips:

1.  Have a bedtime snack but make sure it is a small portion.
2.  Savior the flavor; enjoy each bite so when you are done with the snack you feel satisfied. 
3.  Plan your snack and stay with your plan.  Ask God for the strength to do so.  Do so to honor Him.

Psalm 50:15  " And call upon me in the day of trouble:  I will deliver thee, and thou shall glorify me."

I hope this helps, let me know how it goes.  Thanks for the question.

Be fit and be blessed,



  1. I like an apple as an evening snack. If I have a real sweet tooth I
    drizzle just a touch of caramel (you can get the lower cal fat-free apple
    dip) over the slices. I like to cut the apple into a lot of slices so it
    seems like I have more to eat plus my husband likes to steal a few slices.
    Oranges are also good.


  2. Maybe if you gradually backed off on the ice cream - first to every other
    night then to a couple of time per week and then once per week - you could
    still enjoy your favorite treat AND feel better about it. Another thing
    you could do is start with 1/2 a banana or strawberries and 1/2 c ice cream
    and gradually increase the fruit and decrease the ice cream.

    I think this is a great idea!! Thanks Linda!

    Be fit and be blessed,'