Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lent (2)

Lent (day 2)
Good Morning,

   Today is day 2 of Lent,

   Thank you for joining us.  In this together, is important.  Ecclesiastes 4:12” And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.”

The most important part of this Lent challenge is honoring God in our daily lives.  If it means giving up Oreos or praying more it is up to you.  Pick something you are led to do.  Pick something that will help you be a more God honoring person.  Focus on what to do and not the behavior to avoid.  An example is:  I want to give up Oreo cookies for Lent.  Think in stead I will eat healthful foods this Lent season avoiding Oreo cookies.  When we tell ourselves we can’t have something it can become the one thing we want the most.  We may succeed in giving the cookies up for Lent but come Easter morning we will be pigging out again.  Focus on enjoying the solution oriented behavior you pick. 

Below are the comments I received yesterday.  Please share your thoughts and pray for each other.

I am going to avoid sweets/sugar and stay on a budget.

Be fit and be blessed,


For Lent, I'm sensing God pointing out some attitude issues in my heart.  So I would like to honor God in my attitude.  I desire to have a humble attitude towards others, not assuming what they may or may not be thinking.  I would like to pray for people I'm thinking about.  I'm going to look for a verse or two to pray when someone comes to mind. 
Thanks for challenging me.

Even as I read the first paragraph, sugar came to mind.  So yes, I'm in.  I've been reading the Body Ecology Diet so feel I really now know where sugar is lurking. (in wheat, processed foods, high-glycemic fruits.  I have a friend who is a nutrition counselor that I'm hiring her services to guide me in my nutrition.  A short business trip is going to delay me following it totally but starting March 1 I'll be on it.  In the meantime I'll avoid chocolate.  I have two dark chocolate candy bars waiting for me.  It's the only sweet I eat.  My dairy intolerance helps me avoid lots of sweet stuff.  I've given up chocolate for 3 weeks before so with a committment I can do it again.  My goal is a healthy gut!!!  Fermented veggies anyone?  (I just learned how to make this, wonderful stuff)  I'll follow your blog.

Good mornimg Kimberly,

Giving up sugar or candy or something like that has been my standard Lenten promise from the time I was like 7. I know I did that for a good reason but there has been a very msny years when I treated my body poorly, harmfully. I have been working on loving and celebrating my physical form. I most recently read A Course in Weightloss and it turned everything around.

This Lent promise is I'm going to recommit to my nutritional cleanse/replenishing program. I'm focusing on the good that I am doing to protect my physical form and banish the idea of lack that giving something up has given me. I know that is a child mentality but with certain things I do go back to that.

The most important thing I can do is change my thoughts because then the body will follow.


It will have to be Oreo cookies :)


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