Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fit Bit (resolution sucess)

Fit Bit (resolution success)
Dear Kimberly,

I have already started to fall off my resolutions.  I had decided to do your 21-day Fitness challenge and do it perfectly.  I didn’t even pick up the sheet yesterday.  Every year I go through this.  What can I do to have real change in my life this year?

Needing resolution success

Dear Resolution success,

   First, you are not perfect.  None of us are.   Do not expect to be perfect in your resolutions.  Simply continue to try, that is the secret to success.  Make sure your resolutions line up with God’s word and ask Him for the endurance to keep on keeping on.  Five minutes ago is just as over as five years ago.  Don’t worry about the failures concentrate on your successes.

    Many people get very fired up the first day of the year and loose enthusiasm as the days go by. We take on too many things all at once and our resolutions become too overwhelming, so we feel like a failure and quit. 

   The 21-day fitness challenge is a great guide.  It is a good model for resolutions.  Instead of trying to do the whole chart perfectly, try to just get one part of the chart daily.   I suggest you start with prayer and reading scripture.  If this is already part of your daily walk, then start with something else.  Taking one behavior at a time, get that to be a habit, and then tackle another behavior.  Commit to at least trying one change each day.   Eventually something will stick.  Many of us  fail because we take on too much, and are too hard on ourselves.

Remember, you are a beautiful child of God.  He loves you because of who you are not what you do.  What you do, helps you in your life.  Pray for strength and take on more manageable bites.  Concentrate on your successes not your failures.  Know God is with you, loving you.

James 4:7” Submit yourselves therefore to God, Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”

Be fit and be blessed,


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