Friday, January 17, 2014

Bible Study Jan 17

Jan. 17

Old testament; Genesis 34;1-35:29  Jacob’s daughter was defiled by a Boy who then wanted to have permission to marry her. Jacob and the boy’s father agreed to it, they even agreed upon a whole community alignment, provided that the men would be circumcised.  Yet, Jacobs’s sons let the hatred in their hearts rule them and they killed all the men of the city while they were recovering.
Life lesson; sexual sin, leads to much moral decay.

New testament; Mathew 12; 46-13; 17 Jesus told the parable of the sower.
Life lesson; Be rooted and grounded in Christ, God’s Word, or you may wither away.
Psalms 10; 1-11 God, although there are times it feels like you stand far off, I know you are always near.  Let me not turn to delighting in wicked ways.

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