Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bible study Jan 21

Old Testament; Genesis 41:41-42; 38 Joseph became the second in command in all of Egypt; his brothers did come and bow down to him.  His dream came to reality about 15-20 years later.  Life lesson; God’s timing is not our timing, God’s timing works.
New Testament; Mathew 14;1-21  Jesus walks on water, Peter starts to walk out to meet him, then looses faith and sinks, Jesus reaches out His hand and immediately rescues Peter.  Life Lesson; Jesus’s hand is ever present and He will keep us safe.
Proverbs 2; 12-22 “Wisdom will save you from the ways of wicked men.”  Note; Wisdom is from God, we find it in His Word, Jesus is the Word made flesh.

Remember, If you read the verses I am posting, it will keep you on track for getting through the Bible in 365 days.  I am using "The NIV Daily Bible"  I highly recommend it.

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