Sunday, July 17, 2011

Daniel Challenge day six

The Daniel Challenge Day six

Even though no one could find fault with Daniel a handful of men plotted against him and convinced King Darius to make a decree that Daniel could not honor.  Daniel broke the decree by praying and honoring God three times a day.  The King had Daniel thrown into the Lion’s den.  Daniel survived the night in the den.  He said, God sent and angle to protect him.  The king was happy Daniel survived. He ordered Daniel’s accusers and their families into the Lion’s den and they were crushed into pieces.

Even when we are doing the right thing and trying our best to follow God we will still have people who will not like us.  We can never please all others.  It is most important that we try to please God.  I find when I am trying to live a life pleasing to God, accepting Jesus forgiveness throughout my attempts; I am at peace with myself too.   At peace, I am better able to take care of my physical body.  If I am stressed, trying to be a people pleaser I over eat, under exercise and become sleep deprived.  Today let’s try to walk in the peace of God no matter what our circumstances.

Daniel 6:27 “He delivereth and rescueth and he worketh signs and wonders in heaven and in earth, who hath delivered Daniel from the power of the lions.

Be fit and be blessed,


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