Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fit Bit and need your help

Good Morning Friends,

I could use your help;  Does anyone have a favorite Fit Bit?  I have an opportunity to show case my Fit Bits, and I would really appreciate your feedback..  Thanks so much for you help!

Be fit and be blessed,

Kimberly Mathews

below is today' Fit Bit

Fit Bit (Nip it in the bud!)

When we think on things that are harmful, such as longing for a piece of chocolate cake when we have 20 pounds to loose it only leads to failure.  The key to success is to nip a toxic thought in the bud immediately!  According to Behavioral Science if a person thinks something three times they develop a craving.  A fourth thought and they have an action.  We each have the ability to change our minds.  I find it easier to change my mind when I call on Jesus to help.

Romans 10:14  “Call on the name of the LORD and you will be saved.”

Be fit and be blessed,


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