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Healthy and Well Comments (wk/3)

Healthy and Well Comments (wk/3)

Comment 1;

HI from Alaska,  I am doing OK except with the exercise and eating.  I had a rough eating week end.  Today I am back on track.  Now to get the habit of exercising going.  I do read your post, and I have to other bible daily studies.  I am working on “trusting in the Lord” without question or me taking over.  Since my Mom past away I have had some trouble with letting God do and not me do in my life.

ANNswer 1:

Thanks Judy,

Do you have a health club near by?  Many times having a trainer and scheduled times, help people get going on the exercise and eating right.  I have workout DVDs, you could use mine (others will work too).   Also, try to get a group from your chruch together to do an exercise DVD  once or twice a week, have that group all try to follow the wellness chart.( The nutrition challenge is a good one too.) See; Ecc. 4-12"A three fold cord is not quickly broken."

Trusting in God moment by moment is exactly what we are working on this week.  If it was easy, we wouldn't have to work on it....stay tuned.  Thank you for your response.

Comment 2:

Just been busy, but I'm still here.  Enjoy and appreciate the encouragement you provide. I do read and reread your posts.
I've been doing okay with the eating part.  Been trying to find some fruits to incorporate.  Not a fan of the citrus, but at least the strawberries and blueberries have been good.  Have been doing better getting the daily amounts of veggies.
Still taking time to read my Bible, usually before I leave for work.  As I was driving to work I was listening to the radio and a program where they were studying Psalm 119, so I've been reading and re reading that one along with 2nd Corinthians, which I sort of picked at random.
The good news is I've lost ten pounds since January 1st.  I know I won't continue to lose at this same pace, but I'll take it.
Hope you have a great week


ANNswer 2:

Fantastic Mary!!!

   I try to get m Citrus in, first thing in the morning.  I make sure I eat two or three serving along with some yogurt and water.  This helps me get off to a good start, each day.  I sometimes make up a fruit salad, but mostly I just make sure I eat an apple and a banana.  Some of my clients have said if they lay out the fruit on their counter or desk it helps them.  Sounds like you are getting the most important part of your health and wellness down.  You are keeping God front and center and calling on Him daily.  That is what will give you the peace in your heart so you can have strength and discipline in you body.

  Thank you for your response.  I just again remembered I have not sent you out the Dvds.  I promise to do so today.  I am just going to send you Cardio Grace for now.  If I send you all three it maybe over whelming.  When you receive Cardio Grace... just take one twenty-minute section at a time.   Do what you can and improve by 10% a week.  When I first started exercising I was a young 16 year old at an ideal weight and I could only jump rope for one minute at a time.  Pretty soon I was jumping to both sides of my favorite albums.  My points being add exercise and take it slow, listening to your body all the way.  (Make sure your Doc has cleared you for a workout program before you get started.)  Have you started getting up from your desk on the hour and walking for five minutes? (Even one to two minutes n the hour helps)

Comment three:
Good morning. I'm still working on getting enough sleep. Recently me sleep patern has been way off. I can fall asleep easily I just can't stay asleep. I have been using meditations to try and go back to sleep. But for the most part I am up all night.

As for the chart, I have a daily to-do list on my phone and everything important goes on that. So I keep track during the day with that.

ANNswer 3;
All right Nicole!

    Having a plan (to do list) is a great way to stay focused.  Is your time with God on your list?
I used to have difficulty staying a sleep. Now, when I awake in the middle of the night and can't easily get back to sleep, I call upon Jesus.  I literally call His name and think of Him only.  I meditate on His name.  If a worrisome thought try’s to enter in, I let it go and continue to think on Him.  Some of my clients, have said they envision themselves sitting on Jesus’s lap, being loved by Him, just as a child being loved by their Mother.  This always helps me calm down, allowing me to fall back to a sweet sleep. (Proverbs 3:24)  I have never used sleeps aids myself.  I have always been afraid of there addictive nature and the side effects in the morning.

Are you exercising daily?  Regular exercise helps in getting good sleep.

Thank you so much for staying in touch!

Comment 4:
Well, as last week rolled along I ate more and more stuff for all the wrong reasons.  I have a long list of excuses but I know that is not going to help me.  So today is a new day and I want to do what is right.  With Jesus's help I know I can.  This morning I read Galatians 5:25 " If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit."  Last week, I walked on my own strength and failed to honor God or myself.  This week I'm praying for a different testimony.   Today I will put my fitness chart by my water pitcher and I will focus on drinking my water and eating my fruit and veggies. 
Thanks Kimberly for the emails.  They help me a lot.  And thanks to everyone else trying to be fit.  We are all going to blow it at times but we can help each other up and remind each other that it is worth the effort to keep on trying. 
With God's strength,

ANNswer 4:
Beautiful Barbara,  I could not have said it better.  Keep on Keeping on!!!

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