Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Healthy and well for 2012 (week one)

Healthy and Well for 2012  (Week one)
It is the first week on 2012.  Many people have asked me to run the Faith Centered Fitness wellness program in its entirety starting 2012.  With my sons accident I am a bit behind.  I think it is important for us to all take good Godly care of ourselves, and our lives.  With the New Year comes added new enthusiasm.  This week we start the Faith Centered Fitness wellness program.   (Please email me if you want on the Healthy and well for 2012 email list.  I will post the info on my blog and Facebook too.) 

What will this program entail?

We will be going through the Faith Centered Fitness program in its entirety.  To get an overview, click on our Logo.

Week one is remembering to keep Jesus front and center in our lives.  On the Logo the fish is driving the bicycle.  The fish represents Jesus.

One of the first miracles Jesus performed was feeding the multitude with a few fish.  He made something out of nothing.  With Christ we can do all things.  With out Him it is very difficult.  Healthy and well is impossible with out Jesus.   Most of us will mess up our best attempts to be well.  The key to success is not getting it perfect; the key to success is “keep on keeping on!”  Jesus provides us continual forgiveness.  With this forgiveness we can leave guilt, shame and condemnation behind and press forward in a fresh, healthful, happy, holy life!

I have attached the 21-day Fitness Quest.  This is an easy to follow chart to help us stay on track in life.  The first item on the chart is Pray and read scripture.  It is number one because it is the most important.  (We can eat more food then featured on the chart it is important to get the food featured in everyday. We will be concentrating on what to do, not what not to do.)

Mathew 6:33  “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Be fit and be blessed,



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