Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Healthy and Well (veggies 3))

Healthy and Well (veggies 3)
 Comments on Veggies;

Thanks for the reminder of how to get in the veggies.  I have been doing this pretty regularly since Nov of 2010 and it has made a difference in my health.  Eating all those veggies at lunch gives leaves me feeling satisfied hunger wise and mind wise I feel good knowing I ate healthy. 

I do that too.  It makes a quick healthy meal.

Vegetables   how are you doing on them?    I have some clients that say, ”I hate vegetables.”  Hate is a pretty strong feeling, if we feel that toward anything we have to be able to let it go and especially not verbalize it.

  1 Peter 1:15 “ But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manners of conversation.”

When we say things they become more real to us.  If you don’t like the way most vegetables taste you can say, “ I only like to eat carrots for my vegetables.”   Avoid saying hateful things even if you are only talking about vegetables.

  We need to eat a balance of all the vegetables.  Green vegetables are very important.  Iceberg lettuce doesn’t count as a green vegetable.  If you struggle with vegetables, try juicing.  Put your required daily vegetables in a juicer, add some fruit for flavor and drink it down for your health!  Bottom line; figure out how to over come your distaste and eat /drink your vegetables.  I used to get my children to eat their broccoli by adding hollandaise sauce to it.  (We need some fat in our diet too.  This is not a horrible idea.) My children now, all eat broccoli with out hollandaise.  Do what you need to, eat your vegetables.

Please share your suggestions.

Be fit and be blessed,


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