Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lent challenge day 15

It is good to snack a couple times during the day to keep our metabolism up and from getting to the “ I am starving mode”.  We have to pay close attention to what we snack on and how much.

Lent Wellness Challenge day 15

Portion size is a very important part of weight management.  Many people are able to have success on a variety of diets because they limit their caloric intake by limiting their portion sizes. Often there is measuring involved and when the diet is over the portion sizes go back up along with the weight.  I have had much success with eyeballing portion size.  This is easy to do and therefore I can make it a life style choice and not a diet.
 You will see this listed on the Nutrition page of my Website:

 When we concentrate on eating all the portions we need and the correct portions we will be focusing on a lifestyle solution.

Eating while driving, munching from the bag, snacking randomly while cooking make it very difficult to determine how much we consume. Today compare your portion sizes to the ones on the wellness challenge charts or the portion sizes listed on the products you buy.  How do you compare?

Another key factor in weight management is how we think of food.  Ask yourself this; do you think of food as necessary nutrition or entertainment?

 What you think of the Website info and how you are doing on portion size?

Ecclesiastes 5:19  “ Every man also to whom God hath given riches and wealth, and hath given him power to eat thereof, and to take his portion, and to rejoice in his labor; this is the gift from God.”

Be fit and be blessed,


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