Monday, April 18, 2011

Lent Wellness Challenge Day 41

Lent Wellness Challenge Day 41
We have touched on the Faith centered Wellness wheel below is a review;

We function best if our life is centered on God and we have all major areas of our lives focused on doing His ways. 

In our Body we pursue health vs. sickness
In our mind we apply God’s word vs. negativity.
In our soul we rest in love vs. anger
In our relationships we live in acceptance vs. critism
In our home we create a safe vs. hostile environment.
In our work we strive for diligences vs. slothfulness.
In our finances we are responsible vs. squandering.

There are many things that can throw us off this balance.  I have previously referred to them as triggers.  Sugar is something that can throw us off balance.  I was at a nutritional conference last weekend that discussed many ways our diet can hurt us.  Sugar and sugar substitutes were a big concern.  The speaker Dr. Dan Murphy said that sugar; corn, soy and grain products are huge contributors to the decline in our health.  He said, they could be as addictive as cocaine, tobacco and alcohol.  I have limited myself to one normal size sweet a day for Lent.  I feel better and I am not feeling controlled by my sugar cravings. 

How do you control your sweet in take and how do sweets affect you?  Please comment so we can help each other have better lives by avoiding the sweet overload.

When I need help my best source is God.  He will answer our prayers.  He knows what we need before we ask.  Luke 18:1-8 inspired me today.

Luke 18:1  “And He spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to be faint.”KJV

Be fit and be blessed,


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  1. Sugar is a huge trigger for me too. I know that it can send me into a binge and I should probably cut it out of my diet completely. I don't want to do that again because for so long I limited way to much and I don't want to go back to living that way, where I'm afraid of food.

    However, I have to find a balance between the two.


    Thanks Nicole,

    I am trying to go with just one treat a day. I also do this to honor God. I say to myself, "I love God more then Treats" This helps me.
    I agree with you. If we are to stringent it can lead to disaster! I completely get the all or nothing failure mentality. Thanks for your comment. I will be praying for you.

    Be fit and be blessed,