Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lent Wellness Challenge Day 44

Lent Wellness Challenge day 44
Corn and Soy are fillers in many products we don’t even realize they are in.  Corn and soy are processed as sugar in our bodies.  Why are they in so many products?  They are government subsidized.  Michelle Obama advocates healthful life styles for Americans and our children.  She says; if we have to subsidize something subsidize fruits and vegetables. (I received this info from Dr. Dan Murphy at last week’s wellness conference)  When we fill ourselves, let’s know what is in our food and mainly fill with fruits and vegetables.

Convenience drives most of us Americans.  If we want to reach for fruits and vegies first they need to be convenient for us.  I suggest keeping fresh fruit in a bowl on your table or desk.  If you are starving and need fast food, think of were you could pick up a healthful choice.  Many convenience stores now offer carrots, veggie trays, fruit bowls and some lean proteins.  It is best if we can preplan our food for not only the day but also the week.  When we allow ourselves to be grabbing something at the last minute we are more likely to be grabbing the wrong thing.  God is always convenient.  He is always there.  When we are hungry are we hungry for food? 

Lamentations 3:24-25  ”The Lord is my portion”, says my soul, “Therefore I hope in Him!”  The Lord is good to those who wait for Him, To the soul who seeks Him. KJV

Be fit and be blessed,



  1. Love this Kimberly! You coached me how easy it was to include vegetables in a meal. You may now purchase a frozen bag of veggies, plain with no sauce, that steams in the bag! No fuss-no muss. You stated that you use this as a major part of your afternoon meal. I incorporated this(who doesn't have access to a microwave?) and found I can easily get in servings of veggies and be filled and content! I also found Tilapia individually wrapped at Aldi's in a bag. I defrost an individual fish portion, add some Mrs. Dash spices and perhaps some lemon juice and presto-I've got a balance of veggies and protein easily at hand. For those of you fish haters, Tilapia is very delicately flavored and pleasing to most palates! Love you all, Julie

  2. Hi Kimberly - Re: snacks and the need for something sweet - I have discovered figs. I buy a bag at Northwoods as they are fresh and soft. When I "need" something sweet about mid morning, I grab a cup of decaf (I know, not always good) and a couple of figs. I confess I don't know the calorie count, etc. but I do know they are high in fiber and they are better than candy for us. And it answers my need for sweet. Thanks for all the info. Jane